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The holiday in the peacefull surroundings and still in the centre of events

Every vistitor gets "The Trip Packet" for free (the offer of various trips for the whole week with the postcards of theese places)

The boarding house HOCHWALD is situated in the centre of the little town Horni Plana. The Lipno river damm ist 800 meter distant from our boarding house. We have prepared good accomodation for our guests: six double and triple rooms with standard niveau. Every room has shower and WC. Breakfast is served in our breakfast room. The dinners are served in the restaurants 20 meter distant.
The bording house Hochwald prices itself on its pleasant, relaxed and favourable atmosphere. Our aspiration is contentment of our guests. The boarding house is devoted for cultivated, tactful and non conflicting people. Our guests are oft the well-known public persons, which want to regain their living power.
The breakfast ist served in good quantities: An abundance of coffee and tea, the main structure of meal are hard and fine cheese, Prager ham oder better sousages, 100% juites (orange, grape ore pine apple), butter with rolls and bread. The alternative is yoghurt with jam. The breakfast beginns at 8.45 a.m. and ends at 10.00 a.m. If you plan some trip you can arrange another time, too.
The smokers can use the banks in our garden behind the house.

Rooms: Price:
In the directions of the sqare:
  • No. 32 - three bed room
  • No. 33 - three bed room
  • No. 34 - three bed room
In the directions of the garden:
  • No. 36 - double room
  • No. 28 - double room
The prices are cheap with the high standard in the whole Horni Plana area

885,- CZK /approximately 35 €/ for night and bed.

The breakfast costs 195,- Kč (8 €).

Detailed price list

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Rooms Rooms
Rooms Rooms
Pokoje Pokoje
Rooms Stairs
Stairs Breakfast room

There is the garden with the ofen for grilling and sitting with friends in the boarding house. The bike-riders can borow the bike, you can store your privat bike in the special room. There is not possible taking the pets (dogs, cats ..) in the house.

Garden - entryGarden
Garden - entryGarten

The boarding house HOCHWALD is devoted to lovers of deep forests, big mounmains, large meadows of Bohemian forest and endless water mirror of Lipno river dam. Our slogan "ACCOMODATION IN HORNI PLANA - IN QUIET PLACE AND IN THE CETRE OF THE BEING, TOO" just reflects the reality. The boarding house is placed in the middle of the Horni Plana square, but if you enter the romantic garden you gain the feeling that you are out of the hustle and bustle of our little town. You can spend many of marvelous evenings sitting at fire in the garden. The rooms are quiet with good standard and the highest quantity of guests is only 15 - just for your comfort and hospitality within your stay. In the light sunny breakfast room we prepare the good meal for you. The other service for our guests is the shop in the first floor with picture postcards, maps, souveniers, picture galery, books and guide books - everything what you wish.

The little town of Horni Plana

Horní PlanáHorni Plana is situated in the 776 meter above the see. There are 1800 inhabitans here. The place is known as the birtplace of the famous writer in the Bohemian forest - Adalbert Stifter. Wir called the name of our boarding house by his famous novel "The Hochwald". This time Horni Plana makes a good impression of the quiet oasis ih the rush world. The offer of activities is indeed very wide: You can visit many natural objects of interess and cultural events. You can take place in touristics, riding the bike (soft or hard) or hoarse, picking mushrooms, wingsurfing, swimming or fishing. You can only lay dawn on the water beach or sitting in the many pubs, too. Our little town is also the point of departure for wondering the all parts of whole Bohemian forests - in Czech republic, Austria and Germania. Austria boarder is only 9 kilometers from our boarding house, the Germania 38 kilometers - using by car.

Horni Plana - alley Horni Plana offers:

Our tips for your trips:
(all the distances are measured from our boarding house HOCHWALD in Horni Plana)

If you are interresting in the visiting send us the message (in english, german):

E-mail: hochwald@email.cz
Mobil: +420 607 010 887
Telephone: +420 387 425 992

We are looking forward to you and wish the lovely stay.
Ing. Bohumil Vacha